• May 15, 2020

Tarzan became the scandal reason in the local yard where found to itself a haven.

When it was a shchenochok, he had to learn to live alone, to look for food, a shelter, and sometimes and human communication. So he came into one of the private sectors of Moscow area. And some time even was счалив there, yet did not begin to pose a threat to locals though occasions to that were not at all.


Тарзан was given wonderfully well by the stately large handsome guy. It is active, quick, cheerful, assidious and very attentive to everything. It is not aggressive he is sociable with all at all. It just could not do anybody the evils. And its force and power were apprehended as threat and wanted to get rid of a stray dog from the territory. So Tarzan got to a shelter.

So far waited time that locals calmed down, Tarzan already and got used to a shelter. Naturally to release it again in free floating where could do it harm, or perhaps that stronger, nobody became. Now the Tarzan imparted, healthy, castrated the strong cheerful little boy, is ready to absolutely new, but from it not less desired house life.


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