• Jan 16, 2020
our today's heroine carried out the 10th birthday by

to the companies of a little turtle whom it for a holiday was presented by the father's friend — the director of a zoo. 56 years later the favourite pet still keeps the company to the hostess: he saw all stages of its growing, a marriage, the birth of children, and he endured 5 of her dogs!

Joanna Smith, is from Saint Paul, the State of Minnesota, in far 1962 when presented to her the pet, did not know that the turtle gopher will live with it all her life: "George, has to be, my most longtime friend. He is just wonderful pet!"

 girl, pet, turtle

In the childhood in the summer the family then still of the little girl every weekend left to the district of R.

"George always went together with us. He very much liked to walk on the coast of Lake Michigan. Where we went, George went with everywhere us" — Joanna tells.

One more bright childhood memory — Halloween when together with the adored pet the girl reincarnated in a bee. So two amusing insects also went to pick candies after the district.

"When I was little, I carried it in a basket of the bicycle", — the woman tells.

So went day after day, year after year, and here before the girl there was a choice: where to go to study. It came to college, and a turtle of a visor with itself to the hostel.

was followed Then by the following important stage — a marriage. Joanna's groom understood at once that his beloved goes only together with her pet.) And then he also fell in love with amusing George.

"He does not sit on knees, and he cannot be walked. But he is all the same excellent pet", — Joanna says

 a turtle, the pet, a pet

In 56 years the family had also other pets — all there were 5 Labradors, but their George worried: "On the century he saw five dogs. Each of them was in time on it properly полаять. But look who laughs the last!"

Many adventures were seen by a turtle for years of the youth. Thirsting adventures, she ran from the house three times. Last time it happened in 1988, George then dug a tunnel under a fence.

All neighbors and familiar families gathered to help to find a turtle. Then to the scene even there arrived the local TV channel then George was at once. It appeared, he hid under a heap of leaves at neighbors in the yard!

 a turtle, pitmoyets

But life in the house Smitov is not at all such from which really it would be desirable to escape. And already 30 years the turtle pleases the family, without trying to run away into strange lands, and receives for it a portion of daily tasty salad.)

"I would tell that George at us prospers. In Christmas morning he always receives a breakfast from strawberry and a kiwi!"

 turtle, pet, pet, strawberry

As it appeared, such turtles live only in warm climate, and since 1962 in the southern states of gophers in general entered in the list of the protected animals so George — is unique.

In the wild nature of a turtle there live on average 50-60 years, but gophers (they are called still by gophers-polifemy) can quite live in house conditions also up to 100 years! So George still can quite endure the hostess.

On such case the 66-year-old woman already looks for the new house for the favourite: "I have a daughter who has three children. When I do not become, George will live with them. It is written in my will!"

 turtle, girl

This huge happiness and luck — to be with the pet, the best friend, almost all life!

And you would bring to yourself such favourite?


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