• Nov 26, 2020

of Vest — the real beauty, huskies. It, such kind, courageous, but with character threw out on free bread. By the way, from vagrant life at Vesta slightly eccentrical character. It is shown in strong legibility at communication with other pets. Vesta will be on friendly terms with someone from the first obnyukhivaniye, and will not get on with someone at once. Perhaps, it is the only minus of Vesta if it can be considered minus.


Кто and for what reason got rid of an animal? Who doomed it to search of the house and vagrancy? To the pet there could be anything: to please under a car, to fall in a construction hole, to run on the probe, to reach a deadlock private possession, to be beaten by hooligans, to die of hunger in the end of the ends.


Ни to one of these risks was not fated to happen. By some miracle active are also inquisitive Vesta remained in integrity and safety. Absolutely healthy dog with good character, the sweet, sensitive, understanding temper remained is lonely. And what surprise that for the thoroughbred beauty clear head huskies the turn was not built yet. There is a chance that you will be pleasant to it and from this acquaintance the most firm friendship in the world will turn out. Vesta waits for acquaintances!

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