• Jan 24, 2020
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In fairy tales which read to us and or we will read to our children, always the good overcomes the evil.

Now we want to tell you several happy stories about how dogs of breed to Cana corso found the loving houses to show that not only in fairy tales there is a magic, and good — at all not a rarity in our world.

1. Clyde is the boy who was brought to lull, and it found new family

the former owners brought

of Clyde to veterinary clinic to leave a dog in the most terrible way — having just lulled him. Thanks to a miracle and the fact that the doctor was a person with kind heart who just could not lull a young and healthy dog Clyde survived.

 to Cana corso, big dog, petфото:facebook.com/groups/corsocomanda
the Veterinary clinic decided to find

to the boy the house and even soon found it, however, when the dog appeared in family, it became clear that mother against a dog.

I Clyde remained one again.

Began turmoil … In clinic could not leave a dog long, and lull handsome even of a thought was not. It seemed, there is no exit.

But here was distributed a call: the young couple agreed to take Clyde on overexposure. Children arrived in the middle of the night to provide to the boy a shelter at least till the morning.

 a big dog, a black dog in a bed, a dog with the ownerфото:facebook.com/groups/corsocomanda

However overexposure "till the morning" already lasts nearly a year. Clyde stole hearts of couple and now enjoys caress and care in the loving house!

Here such strange story at the boy which proves that magic and good after all are.

2. History of the girl Bembi, which at all not an olenenok

found the Baby Bembi at the age of 4-5 months attached in one of the Moscow yards.

was Bembi's Puppy rather problem, however thanks to persistent work and desire of the dog to study, turned into the true lady!

 favourite, pet, Cana corso, Cana corso and child photo: Instagram/corso_comanda

In November, 2018 was already year as the girl lives in family. And she lives in a large family where kids sometimes do not give also a sigh to make, but Bembi is patient and brought up therefore "does not snap at children", and with firmness of the tin tell-tale transfers all their intrigues.

photo: Instagram/corso_comanda

Separate gratitude to her hostess who is in time all: and to bring children to school and to eat to prepare, and does not disregard a dog!

Thank you that presented to Bembi the loving family and showed what is sincere love and care.

3. Katya and Laura — love at first sight

Happy history ENT specialists, beauties of breed to Cana corso, short, but it it not less magic.

 to Cana corso lies, a dog to Cana corso, a pet photo: Instagram/corso_comanda

As well as many dogs, Laura found on the street. The girl absolutely became thin and nearly froze on November cold.

When found Laura on the street, already there came dead of night, and the vehicle for transportation of a dog in a shelter was necessary as air.
On a desperate call for help responded Ekaterina, the girl who made battle march to bring Laura to a shelter. It is precisely unknown what occurred in the car — natural charm of Laura worked or it just there was a love at first sight, but on November 1 the girl was in a shelter, and in few weeks it already in the cozy house of Ekaterina.
 muzzle to Cana corso, dog to Cana corso, pet photo: Instagram/corso_comanda

Here so helped to find a kind act to the girl of the favourite pet, and Laura — the loving family!

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