• Sep 1, 2020

Cruelty of people sometimes does not know all imaginable and inconceivable borders. Here, for example, this case does not differ in anything, except refinement of a way of disposal of the pet. It was not just thrown out on the street. Owners together with an animal went in the unknown direction. On the busy road at a huge speed the back door where the pet settled down opened, he was pushed out literally from salon on the road. The door slammed, and on it all information ended.


Собака was killed, all in scratches, grazes, cuts and bruises. Wandered about roadsides, did not find the private housing estate yet. The situation is quieter there, there is no rumble of cars and almost nothing threatened safety. About food, water and medical care the animal also could not think then. But for it the local resident thought. She felt sorry for the torn to pieces and thrown little boy. Sheltered him at herself for day - another, and then carried to a clinic on inspection.

the Guy was

strong, hardy. Serious injuries it was revealed not. But it was revealed that this guy — the whole find for fans of active lifestyle and legendary breed huskies. The guy needs at first a lot of your attention and patience, he young and active. But then, when the pet and his future owner will understand each other, will adapt, friendship do not pour water it is guaranteed!

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