• Dec 14, 2020

At this girl by nickname Veta the thoughtful, wise and disappointed look. She learned all ups and downs of life at the same time. The dog lived in family in the apartment and was a desired pet. And it is almost only plus from her last house life. It was loved, but this love for everyone is expressed differently. Someone completely cares for the pet, beginning from a qualitative forage, finishing with joint pastime, visit of doctors, arrangement of own corner for the pet.


Для someone the love is expressed by figcaption id="caption-attachment-29918" only that the pet was let in principle in the house. On it all care also comes to an end. Like, we and so to you made favor. Now you are to us in irredeemable debt, and everything that from above, it is already unattainable luxury. Live and rejoice to what is. Perhaps, and such life for the pet would be good if the dog had though any value. In this case the dog became a change when the question of comfort and tranquility of the hostess was decisive.

By the way, the woman liked to drink and life on a glass did not inspire trust in the pet. Veta periodically felt intoxicated anger of the hostess. The woman, having accepted on soul, constantly complained of life and if at this moment the dog caught sight to her, did not miss an opportunity to blame the pet for all the vital failures. One of such wine parties cost to a dog own life. The woman on a bet in alcoholic intoxication threw out Veta on the street. Whether was proud of the composure before drinking companions, whether for fun, but the dog indifferently and brutally was turned out on a frost.


Прохожие, having seen the weakened and upset dog, reported to local zoo-community. As it appeared, Veta, despite severe hungry intoxicated education, was not disappointed in people. She not from those who on a debt will harbor a grudge also will throw focus at the most unexpected moment. Rage, aggression, for obstinacy from it it is not necessary to wait. On the contrary, it is very tender, understanding and obedient dog. Loves people and it is ready to forgive them everything if only treated her with good. Therefore if you want to get acquainted with the girl, to shelter her, selection will be the most strict. Such kind and generous little girl already just like that does not want to be sent though she also will fall in love perfect any. But nevertheless she had enough of tar, it would be time already and to taste honey.

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