• Jan 22, 2021

This dog just now could recover a little from the incident, relax and be softened to people around, trust. Though its first reaction to own saviors – fear. Not surprisingly, the girl was thrown out on the eve of New Year's holidays. You only present: there lives to herself a dog many years in family, trusts entirely, it is loved and loves in reply, but it is betrayed.
the Knife in a back were thrust by the dearest people. Alas, we any more never learn the reasons. The dog was exposed, and further she had to survive.


Самым a certain way it considered to live "hunting" behind delicacies at city dumps. About containers there will always be a slice of stale bread or rotten apple. Can lead: after days off quite often it is possible to find, though dirty, rotten, spoiled, but the rest of meat or fish.

And there lived a poor fellow until she was noticed by volunteers. On ears it is visible that former owners decided to make of the large lady alaby or though some pleasant to a look and remotely similar to the thoroughbred pet. Probably, it did not help, it did not turn out to win to the chopped-off ears heart of people. Arrived as true Italians.


Они as the tradition says, on the eve of a holiday throw out unnecessary old stuff from a window. Only instead of kitchen utensils and worn out furniture there was absolutely healthy, strong, clever, kind, well-mannered and devoted dog. Well, let unaccomplished Italian traitors are whipping the cat, lost such beauty forever! Look narrowly at this little girl. The improbable good-natured person will never leave you in a trouble, in grief or alone. For happiness much is not necessary to it – the person nearby.

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