• Jan 15, 2020

of Besse found on the street tied to the road sign. Its state left much to be desired: it was exhausted, and on a stomach the big tumor of a mammary gland was found.

It was obvious that Bessie many times gave posterity. Therefore it is easy to assume what happened to her: most likely, she was thrown as she was more not able to feed puppies. Fortunately, she was come to the rescue by the organization for rescue of animals which took a dog under the guardianship.

photo: animalsmaster.com

It was visible that Bessie is grateful to people who feed her according to the schedule several times a day and give love and care which any dog deserves. In a week after rescue Bessie successfully underwent an operation on removal of the tumor delivering to it it is so much sufferings. From the being who was desperate, lost hope Bessie suddenly turned into a favourite dog.

photo: animalsmaster.com

As a result of removal of a tumor Bessie became 2.5 kilograms easier. Now it well eats and soon will finally recover. And when it happens, it will be able to find to itself the warm loving house.

However, problems with search new owners at this dog will definitely not be! At Besse rather big fan club was already formed, just it is necessary to fall in love with her at first sight! Even after all tortures through which people forced to pass her heart of a dog is filled only with love and kindness.

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the Grandfather gives to drink to a stray dog water directly from hands

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