• Apr 13, 2020

the Baby by the name of Masha was the next puppy from a brood which, together with brothers and sisters, was doomed to death. Its and other small shchenochok found in the crude abandoned shed in Nalchik. It is obvious that puppies were unwanted. Their mother, most likely, was a stray dog, and her posterity and she gave a lot of inconvenience locals where they lived. Or it served as protection in the private yard, and her children became a huge headache to owners. The best for them, but the worst decision for kids was them to kill. Otherwise and not to call this process, without year week of kids was found locked without water, food of heat and attention. They were just left to die alive.


Малыши, having understood that to them to wait for the help there is nobody, with the last bit of strength let all passersby know about themselves. They begged compassionate peep about the help. Fortunately, kids were heard. Not indifferent eyewitnesses sounded the alarm, broke doors and found these babies. The kids killed, driven into a deadly loop wildly wandered on the shed. They very much were afraid of newcomers, but knew that it is a right way to rescue. And occurred.

Children were taken away and brought to a local shelter, and then to Moscow. But at first they were expiated in clear warm water, processed from parasites, nourishingly fed, gave them tender amusing nicknames and slowly started their socialization. Leaving and training of children for adult house life went successfully. As a result of it all kids managed to be sheltered and attached in the native families now. It was not lucky only one fluffy baby. Mashenka — a nice and beautiful doggie. There are in it, besides all delights, tender and naughty character, love to the person, echoes of the Caucasian breed. But she will grow up small. Up to 15 kilograms. Such beauty could not but just be pleasant, just was waiting in the wings. And it came as it seemed to all, for a long time and surely.

Mashenka was taken away by her so-called mother. Played and be touched to a beautiful and amusing puppy several days, long thought, decided and, at last, heart took pity, to leave it was Mashenka very difficult. So the puppy got to the house. But what surprise of volunteers when the disturbing call was distributed was: "I want to return Masha, she did not get on with a cat". As if a dress or a hat, Masha did not suit neither on a style, nor by the size to the new hostess. The woman ruthlessly returned an animal as an improper thing or the spoiled product. The toy appeared on the shelf again. Here such cruel peripetias happened to a puppy. Without deserving that, Masha was devoted twice. The baby is absolutely healthy, the kontaktna is not aggressive, trained and very much. She believes: if it was not lucky once and even twice, still nothing means. There will be also on its street green light. Good luck, beauty!

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