• Jan 13, 2021

It seems that really began to hate this dachshund. Began to hate as the worst enemy, the traitor, the deceiver or the villain. Otherwise how to explain that the dog was not just thrown out, but also tied to a column a hard rope that that for certain could not run away and try to find food, a shelter, or perhaps and new family.

Made it deliberately that the dog could not get out of fetters and died on the spot. This tragic story was not fated to come true. The girl was found, though in depleted state, but live and even safe. She was naturally frightened, was afraid of the person and did not know that she waits for her.


Пока the girl waits for the turn on sterilization, inoculations and prevention of worms, Sonya was calmed, surveyed, fed, washed up and even found it the temporary house! But Sony had a syndrome thrown.


Несмотря on all care, full and clean conditions of accommodation, Sonya ran away as soon as it had such opportunity. But the help of volunteers had by the way and quickly found the girl according to the description. The syndrome of thrown could bring the scared dog to a sad outcome. The sleepyhead could please under a car or fall into a trap, but all was. The girl needs really loving family which will save it from internal fears the care and awe.

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