• Aug 13, 2019

What is important for you when choosing the pet? Someone looks for the best friend with whom it is possible to go to jogs in the mornings, and in the evening in an embrace to watch the favourite soap opera. People choose to themselves partners depending on tendency to bark, length of wool, activity and many other characteristics. Here another is important only for some absolutely. They say, you do not judge the book on a cover, however it also occurs in shelters worldwide.

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Society of protection of animals of Great Britain conducted a research which showed that 44% of people say that when choosing a dog or cat from a shelter, their external data are very important for them. And, apparently, that in it it? Here only the big percent from these 44 not just estimates appearance of animals, and selects to itself potential Instagram model. 56% of people admitted that they will not bring home not photogenic pet. Therefore photos of animals who look for the house — a decisive factor.

Photo: iheartdogs.com

"Lovely" and "beautiful" breeds can not always be found in a shelter, however the owner a huge number "waits there for less desired" animals – not such photogenic or with the difficult past. But they deserve the loving house too.

To be guided by quantity of likes which will be received by the new pet – an invention which is doomed to a failure. Other characteristics – important that the animal approached a way of life of the owner, but not his social networks have to be a priority always.

In recent years several breeds became very popular only thanks to the number of their photos which appear on all known platforms.

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The French bulldogs – very striking example. You for certain will be able to remember not one blogger on whom you are signed, with a dog of this breed. But before to run to look for the same pet, it is necessary to study carefully diseases to which they are inclined, their character and also conscientious manufacturers, otherwise in addition to Instagram model it is possible to receive a set of problems.

Photo: iheartdogs.com

Siberian Huskies also began to enjoy wide popularity recently. Will you guess why? Of course, because of their emergence in Game of Thrones as lyutovolok. From the moment of an exit of the first season of series, the quantity huskies in shelters grew many times. People hurry to get breed to surprise friends and subscribers, but as a result just do not cope with an active dog and get rid of it.

Here such side effects happen at modern technologies. And if for the person it can be an ordinary experiment, then for an animal which became his part, but did not fit into life of the new owner, it can tragically turn back. The pursuit of a selfie and popular photos should not become the reason of appearance of an animal in family. They deserve bigger – the real loving owner who will accept their such what they are.

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