• Aug 13, 2019

Unfortunately, pugs cannot speak and will not tell us as is to them in Mopsokaf in Moscow.

A few days ago this story drew with

public attention, and now on social networks thousands of people are indignant and comment on current situation when puppies are for days on end handed over. Guests of cafe iron them, pull, do not allow to have a sleep and retire.

 a pug, a pug on hands, a little pug
photo: Instagram/katioma

Tens of thousands of people already signed the petition in "The help to puppies from the Pug the Time of Cafe" against people, having paid money, violated the right of an animal for freedom from discomfort and the right not to be exposed to a severe stress and not to feel fear!

is necessary to puppies love, care and attention of owners, but not hundreds of unknown people visiting similar institutions for the sake of minute affection and selfish desire "to communicate" to silent and friendly pugs.

A what you think about it? You watch video and you share the opinion in comments.

video: Instagram/katioma
video: Instagram/katioma

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