• Oct 17, 2019

The rat of very rather big sizes drew attention of the whole world when she which got stuck in a manhole cover in Germany was come to the rescue by the whole rescue team.

Photo: people.com

The poor rat long peeped and tried to get out of a narrow opening itself, but is hopeless.

At first employees of the center for rescue of animals tried to get out it. When it became clear that so just it will not be possible to solve a problem, invited professional rescuers-firefighters to the scene.

The rat, apparently, overdid in a set of weight by winter a little and did not move neither there, nor here in any way, having forced firefighters to scratch a nape in search of an exit.

Fortunately, long he did not keep waiting for himself. The heavy cover was removed and manually pushed a back part of a body of an animal forward.

Video: people.com

After that the rat passed out of sight practically at once, having run away into that manhole, desire to be chosen of which led to such not most pleasant adventures.

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