• Mar 4, 2020

Marfa — what tender name for not less tender baby! To a kitten only half a year, but it already passed through tests – Marfa has no eyes, from the word "absolutely". To a cat diagnosed a disease — congenital glaucoma. It means that at the birth eye pressure at animals only increases. Such process it is irreversible leads to a blindness.

Marfa is from Turkey. Exactly from there it was brought to Moscow to try to keep somehow sight. Though Marfa's mother also tried to help the baby, but everything appeared vainly. Its small eyes which were not in time to see the world yet inevitably increased in a size, accumulating in themselves liquid, provoking irreversible consequences.

Attempts of doctors to keep sight of a cat were also not crowned with success. Now on Marfa's muzzle deep and volume hems from seams are seen. But it is only its feature, and for very kind and sympathetic people – an occasion to love and be sorry even stronger. Such are waited by Marfa for embraces. The girl is incredibly sensitive, gentle, cheerful.


Говорят, at people at loss of sensitivity of one body, amplifies sensitivity of another. But about animals in reference books words. Cats perfectly are guided in space and it does not prevent them to live and enjoy communication in family at all. Perhaps, having lost skill to see, Marfa got something in exchange? For example, ability to love very much and to be the most devoted and cheerful friend? Let it will surely come true!

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