• Feb 12, 2019


At gate of public organization of the help to animals Rusdogkhaus the unknown man left carrying. And in it there was not a puppy and not a kitten, but a raccoon at all.

And before it to one of volunteers of the center the phone call arrived. The man asked to take away an animal and hung up. After the former owner did not answer calls. It was succeeded to contact him only next day. The person did not intend to communicate. Reported only that raccoon presented to him and what to do with it, he does not know. Therefore brought an animal to a shelter.

Like, you are fans of animals, fighters for their rights, you and deal with it, you treat, bring up, look for to it a shelter.

raccoon, carrying, shelter, help to animals photo: instagram.com/rus.dog

And volunteers began "to understand". First of all named the kid Nafanya. And one of girls volunteers of a visor of a raccoon to home. It was dangerous to leave it in a shelter. And suddenly animal sick? There was a risk of infection of other inhabitants of the center.

Having appeared in the apartment, the raccoon behaved rather quietly, with curiosity surveyed unfamiliar space. Probably, he was after all domestic. For dwelling allocated to the new lodger the bathroom.


In comments on posts about unusual incident sympathizers and not indifferent people give advice, share experience what for whom is available on maintenance and care of this animal. Volunteers address for consultations and the help experts, read the corresponding literature.

raccoon, apartment, pet photo: instagram.com/rus.dog

Among those who did not remain indifferent to Nafani's fate there are also persons interested to take away him. But volunteers are sure: for a start it is necessary to make tests and to do vaccination. And the schedule of vaccination is already made.

And to potential owners certain conditions will also be shown. Nobody wants that Nafanya once again was thrown.

It would be best of all to be equipped for an animal in the private house with the spacious territory for free walking. On will, unfortunately, you will not let out an animal any more. Tamed, visited a pet, it just will not survive.


To live in the apartment for Nafani not option too. Raccoons, whatever one may do, animals wild. And training is not given in. And on behavior of the pet his curators draw a conclusion: since childhood the raccoon was near the person. Perhaps, indulged from hand to hand. And full defeat of the apartment became the reason of disposal of it, most likely.

raccoon, animal, pet photo: instagram.com/rus.dog

After inspection at the veterinarian, the profile specialist in wild and exotic animals, the picture was painted such: the raccoon is healthy and rather young.

Judging by his beautiful snow-white teeth, Nathan no more than 2 years. He is not castrated, but socialized, does not feel fear or aggression to people.

Initially the unusual foundling very needs overexposure. After the quarantine period and full vaccination to a raccoon Nathan will look for constant housing.

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