• Jan 23, 2020

about pets of the Cyprian shelter. Many animals from it with whom owners fell in love on a photo flew on the permanent residence to other countries. Including to Russia.

The kid Rufus was a domestic doggie earlier. But since November of last year it appeared in a shelter. For what reasons the dog did not become necessary to owners, unfortunately, we do not know.

dog, hand, person, overalls Photo: instagram.com/savedogsofcyprus_ /

It is heavy to Rufus to get used to new conditions. In a shelter dozens of dogs of any individual approach from workers it is not a question. Nobody with it goes for a walk, is sorry. Is not interested whether ate, whether slept.

The most part of day Rufus hides behind the box barrel and quietly whines.

And boy kind, tender, contact. To it only two or three years … And all life ahead.

But what it will be …

dog, barrel, box, shelter dog, animal, shelter, barrel, corner, drinking bowls

Photo: instagram.com/savedogsofcyprus_/

Perhaps exactly thanks to you Rufus will forever leave the Cyprian shelter? It can be taken away to any city of the world. At great desire and support of not indifferent people (and there is a lot of them!) everything is possible!

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