• Jan 24, 2020

the Rabbit by nickname Mimi was born without ears, absolutely deaf, and only with three pads. But the loving hostess, Rodazhiya, decided that it is not a sentence, and itself connected Mimi lovely ears.

Rodazhiya is a volunteer. And once she brought home Mimi, her brothers and sisters, and mother doe-rabbit. The previous hostess could not look after them because of age any more.

photo: metro.co.uk differs in Mimi's

from the family, but Rodazhiya thought up how to help it to be more similar to them, offering various options of ears. Usually Mimi carries traditional white ears with pink core, but sometimes Rodazhiya experiments also with other forms – round mouse ears or flower venochka.

"The idea to present to Mimi ears came at the time when we selected it a name. My boyfriend looked on the Internet a little and suggested to call its Kemonomimi. This word is used in cosplays where at heroes on the head animal ears flaunt. Then I also connected for it the first couple".

photo: metro.co.uk

Rodazhiya plans to distribute all крольчат on houses when they a little grow up, but Mimi will remain with her.

"Except that she was born without ears and without one of front pads, it is much less than brothers and sisters. I think, oxygen or, maybe, nutrients could not be enough for it during development".

photo: metro.co.uk

"Of course, it carries knitted ears only for photos or when sits at me on hands. It does not resist ears on the head at all, but for safety I do not tie them around a neck on a bow. Therefore it can just throw off them when wants".

"Feeling that she does not pay any attention to ears at all. Sometimes only tries to gnaw ribbons from them, then I remove them at once".

Similar stories happen in different corners of the world. We already told a story about the volunteers who connected to a kitty new ears!
Thanks to people for kindness!

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