• Oct 12, 2020

of Takhir found on smeltery in Tula. It was in critical condition. Open fractures of both hinder legs literally buried him alive among deposits of factory waste. Its call about the help and the tail moving with the last bit of strength on a sound of people allowed to identify the live, needing the help being among the mountain of garbage and scrap metal.

The puppy was beaten to the plant, could overcome both cold, and hunger, and loneliness. Came by negligence somewhere and it was rigidly wounded. This annoying case nearly deprived of a puppy of life.


После Takhir's detection and his survey surgeons rendered an unfavourable verdict. Paws of a dog were so strongly injured that there was no hope to put him on legs. Amputation of both hinder legs was coming. But the lucky coincidence decided destiny of the poor fellow differently. Doctors and volunteers gave Takhira before amputation a little time to recover, accustom to a shelter and to be adjusted on the future changes. Operation would make a puppy forever the disabled person.

But it did not happen. Several weeks of stay later Takhir accustomed to a shelter so that he besides the gained weight, tranquility and acquisition of several friends, began to step on paws! Yes, on those which to it were going to remove. Whether there was this hasty wrong diagnostics of doctors, we do not know, but to an outcome of events all rejoiced.


Тахиру appointed a rehabilitation course, physiotherapy, gymnastics. All this will not restore a paw in original state, but can improve much more their state, make big break in comfortable, healthy, full-fledged and happy life of Takhir. And, it seems, everything is remarkable, except one "but". Takhir, though feels safe, he is still lonely. And to the pet the help and support, love — the best any illness medicine is so important. Takhir will shortly look for the house, but suddenly already now, on its most important way of recovery, it will find not only strong paws, but also the best friend?! Miracles happen!

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