• Jan 30, 2020

the Police adopted the statement, and later brought to unlucky jokers charge of "falsification of food". An incident occurred at a party where young people decided to play the vegetarian girlfriend. All prank call was filmed. At first the youth showed packing of chicken meat, then how it is cooked is offered the girlfriend, giving out for food for vegans.

On video the specifying vegetarian's question of a source of food and the false answer of her friends are recorded. Then the scene where the girl who used a meat dish extols it followed. The removed draw with derisive comments of jokers was posted online. There it was also noticed by the vegetarian's relatives, more than 10 years who was not using meat.

That apprehended all incident as personal offense and decided to teach a good lesson already former friends from legal side. Having brought charge, the police recognized that so-called grocery forgery did harm to health of the vegan.

For this reason the legislation of the USA allows brining a charge of "falsification of food". If there is no harm to health from substitution and also there is no commercial benefit from this action, then charges cannot be brought. In the described case the commercial benefit was obviously absent. Whether the court will agree with arguments of police, will show time.

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