• Aug 13, 2019

On the Internet the increasing popularity is gained by "amusing" and "touching" rollers with participation of animals who in actual fact are, unfortunately, not such amusing.

Here video of a bulldog who whether sings, whether talks. But if he also sings, then the song at him very sad. Because the dog obviously feels not too comfortably, some of stress signals testify to it, listed below.

Video: instagram.com/animalove.co

Or, for example, one of numerous videos about the smiling dogs.

Some of these dogs really show, most likely, the learned behavior in the form of "smile", but the majority if attentively to look narrowly, show signals of discomfort and a stress:

  • Yawns.

  • A so-called "whale" eye when proteins are visible.

  • "Flickering language" — short licking of a nose.

  • Otvorachivany heads.

  • The pressed ears.

  • The delayed corners of lips.

That is the majority of dogs on video should smiles — to them obviously uncomfortablly. By the way, you can train observation and write in comments which of dogs really smiles and who has a stress.

Check, how well you understand language of a body of our best friends!

Is possible whether it is interesting to you " will Be a shame to a dog on video? "

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