• Jan 21, 2020

to Read up to the end! At the end — a bonus!

10. of the Basenji – the African taciturn person. Graceful and beautiful dogs, their smile bewitches.
 Basenji of a photo

9. the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – charming and touching ulybak, incredibly cheerful and positive! Always stay in excellent mood!

 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel of a photo
8. the Pomeranian spitz-dog – the hero of cute posts, cards and posters. Favourite of stars and selebrita.

7. Huskies – the sure sporty handsome man moreover and blue-eyed! Why not to smile to life?!

 Huskies smiles to a photo
6. of the Akita Inu – is popular, balanced, modest and charming! His smile only emphasizes charisma and nobility.
 Akita of a photo
5. Bull terrier : "Smile, strange at it" — you will tell. "Mysterious" — we will agree in reply. The most real dog-ulybaka (but not an ubivaka!), cheerful clown and hurricane of energy.
 the bull terrier smiles to a photo

4. – here everything is clear to of the Welsh Corgi : dry biscuits – favourites of queens, because and the smile does not descend from an attractive face.

 Welsh Corgi of a photo

3. the Pug – often smiles because at it everything is always good. It is not necessary to hurry anywhere, there is nobody to save and protect too. Only if to meditate and broadcast happiness with a smile

 the Pug smiles to a photo

2. Dvorteryer – adores the whole world, cheerful, but sometimes such lonely. He will precisely present you all the love.

Photo: instagram.com/dogberrry

1. A retriever – the champion with the drawn smile! The dog created to give happiness, joy, a positive, mood and love (however, as well as all above-mentioned, such favourite and ridiculous).

 the retriever smiles to a photo

Undoubtedly, all happy with life and happy dogs smile. But some breeds do it more often or just more often get into the shot

If someone was forgotten or passed, write us in comments and send a photo – in Vikipet's rating of the place will be enough for all!

Here bonus! Smile also you!

Video: instagram.com/samgachyoga/

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