• Feb 11, 2019

Lovely videos and a photo with cats or dogs won open spaces of the Internet long ago. These pets can be really incredibly lovely, but they are not the only inhabitants of our planet who can force the person to give the cry of affection at the first look. There is a great number of wild, but charming animals. The top of 10 loveliest animals of the planet gives a powerful charge of a positive and a wide smile after acquaintance to all these cuties.

The Loveliest Animals on the Planet

Dwarfish hippopotamus

This small look — the close relative of very terrible animal — a hippopotamus. Only is ten times less on weight and more than twice — on length. A dwarfish hippopotamus — the herbivore living on the southeast coast of Africa. Its so lovely local name, as well as an animal: Liberia and Sierra Leone call it to a mve-mva or a nigbva. the Dwarfish hippopotamus does not constitute any danger to the person or other animals, just the opposite — is subject to hunting of some predators .

When a hippopotamus is not potential threat, in his by nature smiling muzzle it is possible to make out quite lovely lines. Unfortunately, in the wild nature dwarfish hippopotamuses meet very seldom, the safety of a look is ensured by generally different zoos of the world.

Red panda

Red Panda

A small panda, a cat's bear, the shining cat — it the animal was renamed a set of times. The unique appearance and a way of life puzzled researchers, and only rather recently red panda was recognized by a species of a panda. This charm lives in China where it is possible to find its written mentions more than ten-century prescription. Chinese called this animal to a ho-h, Nepalese — punye. By the way, also came from the word "punye" the word "panda" .

the Sizes a small panda is a little more than average cat, eats generally vegetable food, but does not disdain also small rodents on whom she hunts in twilight time. The drawing on a muzzle making a small panda similar to a red raccoon differs from an individual to an individual and never repeats.

of Gadgets


This small, is less than domestic cat, the fox lives in deserts of a northern part of Africa. The most recognizable line of a fenek — his large triangular ears. They not only help it to hear perfectly the events at quite long distance, but also improve its ability to be cooled in the hot environment. The diet of fenek is various, and it is unsurprising: in the conditions of the desert many organisms are adapted there is practically everything that will get under pads. Feneki's is eaten:

  • small vertebrata;
  • eggs;
  • desert insects;
  • drop;
  • locust;
  • plants (leaves and berries);
  • roots.

fenek are widespread Recently as pets, but their wild population still is considered quite large, despite extensive catch and sale.



These unique not flying birds are also so rather popular, but their charisma and friendliness are worthy mentions. Penguins have no enemies on the land and therefore they are not afraid of people, allow to iron itself or to feed from hands. The only danger to them is concealed in the sea for this reason they have such coloring: black color merges with a seabed, and white — with a water surface.

Other little-known, but lovely line of penguins is their growth. The size of the smallest subspecies — only 33 centimeters, approximately as at an average soft toy. To the touch, by the way, the same fluffy: down and feathers of penguins not only protect them from cold and water exactly thanks to the volume. A the majority of types throw off every spring plumage practical completely because of what are forced to starve until the period of a molt passes .

of Enot-poloskun

This small small animal actually carries the name "American raccoon". It was acclimatized in many countries, but initially he lived across all North America. Being extended worldwide, recently he became as well a popular pet though in the apartment for this small animal tightly.


Besides a muzzle with a unique color, also pads of a raccoon are remarkable. Small, but dexterous and tenacious, they are capable of quite exact and accurate actions and from the back remind a human palm.

Such building helps a raccoon to find larvae, small small fishes and other food under water and then "to rinse", cleaning from sand, seaweed and other pollution.


The koala is often called a marsupial a bear. This small animal and the truth is similar to a gray teddy bear. In practice this animal has no relation to clumsy. He is allocated in separate family, and the closest relative among animals is the wombat.

Kostya sluggish and friendly beings. As well as at penguins, this friendliness is caused by absence of enemies: small animals eat eucalyptus leaves, and the specific smell of these trees frightens off predators. Despite peace, quiet and sluggish temper, it is hard to support koalas in bondage: they are capable to eat only some types of an eucalyptus, and do not digest other food. In the wild environment they determine edibility of a plant by a smell. A scent of koalas extremely sensitive, unlike sight which does not differ in special sharpness.

Big panda

As the Big Panda Looks

A big panda — a quite famous animal. Not only their appearance and mild temper made them favourites of network, but also the danger threatening to this strange look. Population was promptly reduced to 2016, and only recently big pandas appeared out of danger. Nevertheless all of them still are under careful observation, any cubs of a panda, even given rise in other countries, are considered belonging to China, and murder of these animals is punished by the death penalty. Value each animal, population is extremely sensitive to many ecological factors.

It is known that pandas live in China and eat a bamboo, but the set of the facts about this remarkable animal remained out of attention of public:

Big Panda

  1. Actually pandas occasionally eat also small rodents and insects.
  2. At the same time the bamboo is eaten in improbable quantity — about 15% of weight of all animal.
  3. They do not transfer a heat and at high temperature are ready to go far to mountains.
  4. Long time of a panda were used by China as diplomatic gifts to the different countries with which it was necessary to improve the relations.
  5. And to contain such gifts costs expensive: pandas are recognized as the animals demanding the most expensive leaving in the world. They are followed by elephants.

Anyway pandas — unique, unusual and, of course, lovely beings who by right carry a rank of a national treasure in China.


This lovely small small animal — the kangaroo relative. Here only the tail of a kvokka cannot provide the same impressive jump or blow. Kvokka is a defenseless animal from Avtraliya's southwest. Now this look is under the threat: dogs, cats and foxes with ease catch квокк not against them at all to have a bite.

the Diet of a kvokka includes plants — they are herbivorous and have the corresponding structure of a jaw. It does their mouth small in comparison with a nose that gives to small animals the smiling look.


Reproduction of a kvokka deserves attention: after one pairing the female bears two embryos at once. If one of them dies, another will be born, but if both survive, then one, and other cub is born "waits" until the firstborn gets on feet and will manage to release the kvokka bag similar to a kangaroo bag. Only after that the following cub is born, providing continuation of posterity in almost any case.

Greenland seal

Any species of a seal, apparently, should not be in this list, but this unique animal surprises with the soft hair distinguishing it from other seals.

Greenland Seal

Cubs — baby seals are especially remarkable. These animals do not possess yet a stable fatty layer and therefore they are heated by a dense white hair and continuous trembling. Besides that the hair heats in itself, it ideally passes solar heat, actually each hair not white, but transparent.

As well as many types of this top, the Greenland seal — the threatened look. In many respects it is wine of global warming. Because of ice thawing the huge area of seals was divided into three far areas: at coast of the White Sea, on the coast of Canada and in the east of Greenland. During a marriage season seals move to ice floes where little fluffy baby seals with black eyes as if at a toy grow.


An axolotl — a larva of some types of sea beings which in itself is incapable of a metamorphosis in an adult animal. Nevertheless the axolotl is quite independent and completely developed. Aztecs even considered him a certain animal from where and the word "axolotl" — a water dog went.

The head of this animal much more a body, and its most part occupies the curved mouth. In combination with small eyes the axolotl looks as if constantly smiles. With the gentle flowers of a color at the most widespread types the axolotl is similar to a fragile porcelain figure. Because of unusual appearance it often meets as a pet.

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