• Jan 21, 2020
Many owners of pets are sure by

that their pets see ghosts, some managed to photograph behavior of dogs and cats on video

Anyway, but at the majority of animals the sight and hearing are better, than at the person so they are capable to see and hear that to us it is inaccessible.

This video gained more than 6 million viewings on YouTube. On shots the unusual behavior of the animals who noticed ghosts is imprinted.

Owners of animals quite often notice for brothers smaller strange behavior.

Cats, for example, can play with "emptiness" or long look in one point as though they see that others cannot. Sometimes begin to hiss and at full speed run out from the room as if also the truth noticed the ghost. Cheerfully play with something, running about the room, however there is no toy in their paws. Are frightened, look around or run away as though someone pursues them, sometimes avoid a certain place in the house.

On video all strange habits of pets are collected.

Sometimes the ability of cats to have a presentiment of a trouble or the death of the owner and at all generates confidence that our pets are newcomers from space or parallel measurement.

Owners of dogs also note that animals can see ghosts. Sometimes dogs show a fright and defensive behavior though what caused such reaction, unclear. Perhaps at this moment they see ghosts? And the reason of their such behavior is in warning house about invisible threat.

Unfortunately, animals cannot tell us anything, but nevertheless thousands of observations can confirm that animals see a next world and contact to ghosts.

Source: of ru.sputnik-tj.com

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