• May 28, 2019

of Screen versions where canine friends of the person play major roles, in modern cinema is a lot of. However the special attention is deserved by movies about dog devotion. The top of 10 best tapes after which everyone will want to make to itself the shaggy friend it is only confirmed.

Top of 10 Movies about Dog Devotion

If to list everything the movies deserving attention on this subject, then the list will be just huge.

For this reason in a selection only 10 most popular movies are selected:

Movie by Hachiko

Movie Eight Below

The Most Famous Movies with Participation of Dogs

Movies with Dogs in Leading Roles

  1. Hachiko's . In spite of the fact that the picture was issued in 2009, it still remains one of the best tapes of this subject. In a leading role a dog of breed of an Akita Inu who to death waited for the died owner at the railway station. The movie is based on real events.
  2. Eight Below . The screen version of a real story about group of the dogs forced to survive independently in the conditions of long Arctic winter, but who did not lose faith in the person.
  3. Dog life . History eyes of a dog who regenerated several times, but despite the new shape of his shower sought to return to the owner.
  4. White Bim Black ear . The film story about a dog who lost the owner and moved off in his searches, meeting on the road of different people. However the fidelity and devotion to the friend to the person was much stronger therefore long Bim could not remain on one place. In a leading role a dog of breed the Scottish setter.
  5. Beethoven . A story about relationship of a dog with family members in which he lives. In spite of the fact that at first not everything was smooth, the dog the devotion and mind nevertheless managed to win friendship and trust of the owners. In a leading role a dog of breed a St. Bernard.
  6. Turner and Huch . A story about the difficult relations of the detective and a dog of breed the Bordeaux mastiff whom it is necessary to live together. Despite all difficulties, the person quickly understands that it is more devoted and better than the friend, than this dog, to him not to find.
  7. To me, Mukhtar! the Cult movie with Yu. Nikulin as the militiaman, every day which takes place in fight against crime. With it it is helped by a sheep-dog by nickname Mukhtar who becomes for the law enforcement officer not just guard dog, but the loyal and devoted friend.
  8. K-9: Dog work . The movie about difficult relationship of the police officer and the borrowed office dog who as a result becomes the faithful workmate and the irreplaceable friend for the person.
  9. of Lessi . The film story about a long and difficult way of a dog by nickname Lessi home to former owners. Though the movie is also considered children's, it cannot leave indifferent even adults. Perfectly will be suitable for family viewing.
  10. Balto's . Animation movie about the metis of a laika and wolf. The dog considered himself the derelict, it was accepted by neither wolves, nor dogs until he headed a dogsled which brought a dreadful disease medicine to the remote northern settlement.

Is unconditional, besides the presented movies, it is possible to find a lot more noteworthy screen versions on this subject. But these 10 movies deserve that to look at them first of all.

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