• Jun 12, 2020

learned About the baby Luce absolutely accidentally. Her, as well as others bezdomyshy, were found in the temporary place of keeping of dogs. There a tail direct after street catching, primary inspection, sterilization, castration and other. Conditions there for dogs basic. Cage open-air cage, bare cold cement floor, chain, old rags, food. If for healthy dogs such conditions are still acceptable, for disabled people the situation worsens.


Люси lived on a cold floor. Without having an opportunity to move normally because her hinder legs are completely immobilized, the baby was forced to lean internals against an ice-covered floor daily and to lie in it situation to currents of day. Sometimes Lucie was necessary to defecate and be in own excrements some time. It could worsen already serious condition of the girl. Her, as well as other tails, it was decided to take away in a private shelter and to provide conditions better, than were before.

Nobody knows Lucie's history. The fact is that at the baby paws are killed. Congenitally, result of a car accident or mockery of people? It is unknown. The doggie cannot move and cope with need independently. The call about the help and search of curators came to the end with success. About ten people wanted to help the girl, but to take her under the aegis forever, alas, persons interested were not yet.


Малышка endured several overexposures, and they showed that the girl is absolutely ready to house life. Tender, friendly, cheerful, gentle, trembling. The only thing that especially in this baby: she needs to help to cope with necessary. Respect for technology of decantation does not take a lot of time, accustomed Lucie in the thrice procedure during the day and the baby perfectly understood why it is necessary and what it needs to do at these moments.

Lucie — an example of how with firmness animals sometimes endure adversities. As if do not notice disorders, live the life, holding a tail downwind. Let's wish to Lucie to find the loving heart somewhat quicker. The baby is capable to decorate your life and to present boundless love, hoping for infinite reciprocity. Therefore if you want to inspire by courage of this dog, to present her care and to support on its hard way, Lucie waits for acquaintances.

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