• Jan 16, 2020
Ever since as the cat of the Kerosene stove was sheltered in the warm house, it constantly finds

adventures on the moustached muzzle, one refuses to remain and follows the people where they would not go.

photo: @primuscat

The Norwegian by the name of Lene took herself a kitten after long months of search of a pet. "His mother rejected it, having left the Kerosene stove and its brothers and sisters when they were absolutely kids. Two kittens did not survive, but the Kerosene stove with one brother and the sister were saved." — told Lene.

photo: @primuscat

"We understood that it is our cat as soon as he was seen. – They spent on the way 3 hours and replaced two ferries to take away a kitten. – I remember, I very much worried that we will not be pleasant to it, but in vain. All way home he investigated the car and loudly purred."

The thirst of the Kerosene stove for adventures and its natural interest in everything should be noticed from the very beginning.

Owners of a kitten like to go hiking. And after in family the canine friend appeared, he began to take part in them actively. Bought a kerosene stove of a toy bear cub with whom it with pleasure played and brought to owners. It went for the people to popyata everywhere.

photo: @primuscat

In the winter he for the first time saw fluffy snow and as "Christmas gifts" began to present to owners of a stick from the wood.

"Since then we always take it with ourselves where we went and we spend with it much time."

When it comes about escort of people during campaigns to mountains, the Kerosene stove the true talent.

"I think, most of all he loves forests and fjords. He adores campaigns. Just everywhere follows us."

The cat traveler became more senior, the his tail blossomed more.

"It always had a remarkable long tail. It is very beautiful," — added Lene.

photo: @primuscat

The kerosene stove is very attached to the people and always keeps during campaigns and walks on the beach nearby.

Every time when owners come home, he joyfully runs to meet them, and every morning works with purring "alarm clock".

Now he is already absolutely adult. And you only look at this smart tail!

"He very much likes to embrace. Always very quietly mews before jumping on knees, and then loudly purrs. He adores playing a ball and it has the whole collection of toy bear cubs."

photo: @primuscat

But nevertheless travel with family remain the hobby for the Kerosene stove. Where they appeared, he always runs nearby.

Ленэ admits: "We have a special communication with it as we will see off together practically all the time."

"He "will always "surely wish" us good night and will be the first whom we will see since morning. A kerosene stove, perhaps, the happiest cat from all."

photo: @primuscat

Every day Lene pleases the favourite with a new gift (a stick or a fir cone) which it finds in the yard. It always very much pleases her.

Their family presented to the red favourite the house forever, and he became for them the faithful workmate swinging the fluffy tail on the way of new adventures.

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