• Jan 15, 2020

Simon and his wife – travelers. And once in the winter they went to explore the frozen falls and to walk on the snow woods.

Having come to a tourist track, they suddenly noticed that on snow they stamp at all not together. They were followed by someone big and black. Simon even joked that behind them, probably, the bear sneaks.

photo: smalljoys.tv

But, fortunately, not the bear, but a big shaggy dog who decided to join them during their walk was the guest.

Their plan was to pass 11 km. And throughout all way the dog not just did not lag behind couple, but also headed their small campaign. And when they stopped while took the picture, he patiently waited for them.

photo: smalljoys.tv

When they, at last, reached falls which were their purpose, they made several photo of the four-footed guide and closer considered it.

The small metal medallion with an inscription hung on its collar:

"Hi, my name is Smokey. I live nearby from here therefore, please, do not take away me anywhere. I like to join sometimes travelers".

photo: smalljoys.tv

Behind there was one more medallion on which Smokey thanked vacationers and convinced them that he will independently come back home when he is tired.

Having sat a little at falls, couple went back, and Smokey saw off them directly to the car and waited until they take off special marching clothes. After that it, indifferently, was developed and went home.

photo: smalljoys.tv

So, Simon with the wife unexpectedly got the new friend and the guide-security guard. And this meeting made their travel special.

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