• May 2, 2020

If asked you from what things, situations or even people you could never refuse? For certain, the first your sound body with existence of all bodies and extremities, funds for accommodation, relatives and native, and favourite pets would be included in this list. It is those categories of which there is our life. To the St. Petersburg volunteers arrived to the address from one local family. They just the principles did not differ and refused own pet. The reason — family circumstances and anything else. What circumstances can occur because of which it is necessary to give the pet? The pet is and there is a family …


Вики — so call a breed broshenka a Labrador. And it is surprising! The beauty grew up in good conditions, from it she absolutely kind, house and everything understanding. Wicky even knows several basic teams, perfectly goes in the car, is accustomed to walking. But it is not a limit yet! A dog active, inquisitive and easily trained.


Сотрудники a shelter so were tired of stories when animals at first with huge love are got, and then with the same composure give, thoroughbred or mongrels, small or large that Wicky was decided to be given for remuneration. Only this way it is possible to cut those who in few months, happen that not so, the animal as his owners predecessors will throw out. And this method worked. Wicky leaves home. Let at it everything will develop!

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