• May 30, 2019

to Users is curious — cats or dogs who is more popular on the Internet. But it is precisely independently impossible to find out it. Journalists of the English Pond Planet portal conducted own research which results of many surprised — doggies shot ahead! Several world social networks and frequency of a mention of animals in them were investigated.

A cat or a dog who is more popular on the Internet

Popular platforms

Of course, a great number of fans to examine photos of dumb animals "hangs" in Instagram. The research of 2018 showed that here doggies considerably are ahead of the moustached rivals. Here concrete figures on various social networks:

Instagram for cats

Reddit — here dogs absolute leaders

  1. Instagram — the best friend of the person was mentioned by 146.9 million times, cats only of 123.6 million
  2. Facebook — here appeared the real leader Buu's doggie. The Pomeranian spitz-dog overtook even the gloomiest cat (grumpy cat) in the world. On sad Grampi 8.4 million people are signed, and the fervent spitz-dog brought together 16.9 followers. And likes it has more.
  3. Twitter — the account of an office doggie of Maggie far ahead of the microblog of a cat of Sokington — 1.79 million against 1.42 million readers.
  4. Youtube — users of a video hosting added 86.8 rollers in which name the word "dog" occurs. With the word "cat" journalists found 76.8 million plots.
  5. Here dogs absolute leaders they appear in of all number requests for animals. cats considerably lag behind having gained only left ducks hamsters rabbits owls and little squirrels

According to Google Trands, in 12 months of a dog also surely are in the lead — users of the search engine were interested in them 25% more often. The British analyzed popularity of hashtags too — #dogsofinstagram surely bypassed #catsofinstagram (75.8 against 64.2). But thus that in general by inquiries in Instagram dogs are in the lead, the most popular cat Nahla bypasses the Japanese dog of a shiba-inu by name to Maher — 3.5 million subscribers against 2.6 million

Fans of cats can be consoled in the fact that these researches — only a global trend. In Russia the kotomaniya does not cease yet.

Opinion of scientists

Adorers of cats and dogs often furiously argue on advantages of the favourites, finding out who is better. The science decided to put an end to this debate. The New Scientist magazine published these researches which were conducted by scientists-behaviourists and zoopsychologists. Estimates were given on 11 nominations, with a small gap of a dog won against . There are several examples as points between competitors were distributed:

Who Is More Popular than a Cat or a Dog

  1. the Brain — though at dogs it is much more on weight, at cats much more bigger neurons, therefore they it is smarter.
  2. Eternal devotion — research DNA showed that cats live near the person about the same as and opponents.
  3. Love — her doggies showed stronger, than cats.
  4. Training — here to descendants of wolves just is not present equal — they bypassed even a chimpanzee and dolphins.

of the Dog are capable to bring more practical benefit — they serve as guides, rescuers, search for criminals, the hidden drugs. But the love depends not on it.

To owners all this is unimportant, just it gives pleasure to them to iron the fluffy.

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