• Jan 4, 2021

Tsera's History distressful. She well was very not lucky. Tens of times she tried to find family, but it was betrayed again and again, closed a door before her nose, taken away in a shelter, refused. And as after all this she did not lose optimism and self-confidence, we personally do not know and even we follow an example of Tsera.

At first the very young and quick dog of breed a Dobermann terrier was adopted by young couple. Tsera perfectly fitted into this family, but leisure was intruded upon by the juicy scandal of beloved. They dispersed, and after parting the dog remained is necessary to nobody. Tsera was transferred to a shelter and after short time the destiny prepared for her one more chance. But, alas, the second family turned out avaricious both on caress, and on dog care products.

The girl needed urgent medical care. Refused to treat, instead of care brought to a shelter again. But Tsera was and remains so sensitive, focused on the person, at the same time beautiful and stately that on adoption turns were built. The lonely careerist was the third attempt of Tsera.


Тут as you understand, did not grow together again. The girl was completely plunged into work, was absent much, but left on long business trips even more often. Tsera madly missed, shouted from the loneliness. The dog hard was given moving, frequent absence of the hostess. As a result of it waited for already habitual open-air cage of a shelter and only by some miracle later time Tsera managed to be attached again.

The private corner of one zoolover became her house, though time. Besides a Dobermann terrier, the woman has one more dog. Tsera very well gets on with it though at first pets could not decide on roles. And, it seems, with bigger at a Dobermann terrier now the situation is not bad. Health disturbs only her.


За all these years of kochevaniye the girl had difficult diseases more than once, refused to eat, grew thin, again gained weight. At Tsera revealed chronic active hepatitis of Dobermann terriers. Very rare genetic disease occurs only in females. It is difficult to cure it completely, but with it it is possible to exist and make life of the pet comfortable: to drink and stick periodically medicines, to put droppers, to keep to a diet and purity because the girl feels frequent need. On temporary overexposure Tsera has all this, but she will not refuse the voluntary periodic help. Also Tsera will not refuse to try happiness again and to become the family member. Perhaps to it after all will carry?!

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