• Sep 20, 2019
this week could watch thousands of users of Twitter (and not only) how the history of unusual friendship of two cats was developed. Perhaps, it happened thanks to the mistress of one of them who decided to chronicle all events.
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Began all with the fact that red Simon often sat at a window and with huge interest watched a cat in other window, in the building opposite. Mak as calls himself Simon's mistress on Twitter, then for the first time published a photo with the signature "My cat Simon just adores a cat of our neighbors and for days on end waits for it at a window. I will keep you informed events". And she kept the promise.
to help two quadrupeds to get acquainted, Mack took everything in hand and wrote to neighbors the message from Simon which pasted on glass: "How call your cat? With love, Simon".
Photo: boredpanda.com
Soon at a window opposite appeared a reciprocal note: "Hi, Simon, I am Teo. You are my best friend".
Photo: boredpanda.com
is A little more later, Mack reported about succession of events: "I and the neighbor opened windows that our cats could talk. We go crazy". For such solemn event Simon even put on a tie butterfly.
by this time history of two friends from windows opposite already took a great number of the fans who are looking forward continuations. This is Mack and decided to tell Teo and wrote that they are very popular on the Internet, having left the name on Twitter that Teo's owners could look at it with own eyes. It was simpler to communicate, Teo even had own account.

Photo: boredpanda.com
led All this to the fact that owners of two cats decided that it would be time to acquaint them really. On April 25 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon their first meeting when Teo came on a visit to Simon who very much worried took place and, of course, did not forget to put on a butterfly.
Friendship of neighbors really was confirmed. Simon as a tail, went for Teo on all house. Mak described a meeting: "We think that everything passed well as it can be with cats. It is absolutely sensitive hissings, any fights and each other obnyukhivaniye is a lot of".

Photo: boredpanda.com
Here such friendship which gained thousands of fans.
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