• Sep 17, 2019

In Japan there is a museum which became famous for the whole world not for exhibits, and unusual visitors. Or rather, unaccomplished visitors – they did not manage to admire an exposition. These visitors – two cats who constantly try to get in the museum, but protection does not let. This opposition is monitored by the whole world!

The Black Cat Tries to Get to the Museum of a Photo

Photo: twitter.com/bijutsu1

Summer of 2016 when in the museum there took place the exhibition of a photo of pets, the black cat made the first attempt to get inside. However it was stopped by protection. Chernysh had to leave.

But he is not going to give up. Since then the cat with enviable stubbornness makes all new and new attempts to enter into the museum. A bit later the workmate – a cat of a red color joined a chernysh. And 2 – 3 times a week they try to break through a main entrance in the museum.

The staff of the museum, in spite of the fact that are not ready to show hospitality, "appointed" cats by the mascots and gave them nicknames: Red Kot (Gou Chang) and Black Kot (Ken Chang). Each attempt to get in the building is photographed and published in twitter on which tens of thousands of people are signed worldwide.

The Red Cat Tries to Go to the Museum of a Photo

Photo: twitter.com/bijutsu1

And черныш, and a saffron milk cap – the cats living on the street. However nobody offends them, and they are not afraid at all of visitors who get in a queue to photograph well-known мурлык.

Red and Black Cats Lie on Photo Asphalt
Photo: twitter.com/bijutsu1

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