• Mar 18, 2020

the Disease — a difficult period for any organism, young or mature, animal or the person. This time of expectations, fears, fears of incident something irreversible and very bitter. Such feelings of genuine horror from uncertainty for themselves, the fate, life and health of the hostess are felt by two pets.

Cats were the real favourites of the hostess. Perhaps, she saved them from painful death on the street still babies, presented them with care and love. Or perhaps to it they were brought by the old woman's children that that did not miss in the long winter evenings one in the apartment. Anyway kids did not know cares. They were treated kindly, are always tasty fed, vigorous and cheerful, did not suffer a shortage of attention, lived in heat and full mutual understanding with the owner. Years went, and life took its course. But time has property to take away the.


У hostesses of the apartment appeared problems with health. The first symptoms of an indisposition were shown not clearly, the woman did not decide to be examined fully and continued to live habitually. The mature organism began not to cope with loadings and glitched. The woman was defined in a hospice with the scary diagnosis: stroke. The fatal disease foretells very few chances of recovery. And if they also are, then fully it will be difficult for woman to look after themselves, not to mention favourite pets. Now someone has to take care of them another.


О a difficult situation into which got fluffy told 100 vw to volunteers colleagues sick. Cats are sterilized and imparted. Are completely healthy. Huge kind heart and patience is necessary to calm kids, to normalize their psychological state though on external signs they are serene and absolutely quiet. Cats will still gorge on on a miracle, but nevertheless they need the new house, chances to return to former life a little, it is necessary to go further.

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