• Aug 28, 2020

People threw out children directly on the busy road. Every minute steel motors cut the area at reckless speed. One incorrect movement of puppies — and from two little Tauruses there would be trails of blood and meat which is broken off to pieces. But it did not happen. Puppies by some improbable lucky coincidence could survive, though were in meter from the deadly route.

The casual driver reported a shelter about them. Employees reacted quickly. Took away the frightened and yearned kids straight from a dividing strip, interviewed eyewitnesses. Founders of a local shop saw how the young couple stopped at a roadside and just threw out puppies from a car. The door slammed, the motor began to roar, the car dashed away afar, and children remained on a certain death.


В calm they tried to look for food, crept on strips. Under a sound of motors took cover where were in time. When got to a shelter, were shocked by what has still the luck to meet by it careful people, a clean soft shelter and warm food. But here the condition of children left much to be desired: puppies teemed with worms, parasites, ticks. But the benefit, kids resistant are also strong. The girl and the boy weigh seventeen and twenty kilograms respectively. And will be even larger, to them only half a year. Gain strength, bring parasites out of organisms. Therefore everyone to get stately handsome of early age, naughty character, pay attention to children!

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