• Nov 16, 2020

the Mistress of two quick stately guys — the woman advanced in years. And so it happened that it with own hand, necessarily placed them in a house imprisonment.

The hostess brought these two beautiful pets with full responsibility and the report that these children healthy fellows. They require space, attention, discipline and active lifestyle. And, apparently, that bad in the circumstances that they are at home, but do not wander on dumps do not starve and do not freeze?


Плачевность a case that the hostess was unable to look after the last year pets. Every week she became weaker, and walks with animals, care of them, their communication it became more rare. With development of a disease animals were even more often provided to themselves and at some point such zoo-anarchy could lead to tragic consequences. At least to escape and vagabond life. At most to death of two healthy and house tails.


Именно therefore mastiffs look for the house. The hostess refused them. Black and the Baron are on friendly terms. Are ready to become pets both together, and separately. Both of them well get on with other animals, people, children. In the past were brought well up and adaptive, these guys very capable, but skills will need to be remembered. One of pets, Black, as well as it is necessary to seniors, is more grown wise experience, it is quiet, reserved, conscious, unlike gulty the Baron. That does not hurry to mature yet and behaves as the teenager, but in it there is also the charm. Both athletes look for the house! Absolute stately thoroughbred healthy handsome — the real award for the person!

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