• Aug 28, 2020

They were in the real imprisonment. Their open-air cages reminded prison cells more: the unfortunate naked deaf plot of land fenced with concrete walls and the shabby proceeding roof. Without windows and access of fresh air the open-air cage forced dogs to sleep, eat and 24/7 to be in own excrement. Dogs literally decayed in the improvised prison.

The so-called dog prison adjoined to local car service. Children from there more loyal, kind, generous. They also fed up dogs as they could. But long it is impossible to hold a large individual out of will. Therefore about thrown алабаях learned in a local shelter. At first dogs behaved wildly, and it is quite justified, they were thrown by the owner, immured alive pets and went to Armenia.


Со time robust fellows began to reveal, especially when understood that nothing threatens their safety. Dogs large, have no obvious serious problems with health. Kabel and a bough large, the guy more serious and conscious, the girl still naughty, likes to spend time actively. Dogs about three years. Are imparted, the guy is castrated, and the girl is sterilized. By the way, the last was lucky much more, her already at home. And here her fellow "on the camera" still should find the best friend.

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