• Jul 20, 2020

Jack Russell by nickname Gustav remains the most special and difficult dog for a shelter. He since the earliest childhood understood: in life he is lonely, and it is necessary to cope with all adversities independently. Because it such courageous, resolute and even aggressive.

This pet with character with which it was allocated by destiny and a course of life. He was born under the sign of the fighter for himself and justice, but so far nobody is able to understand it and to help it. To show that there is no need of to protect with foam at a mouth that nobody will do it harm.


Густава the young family sheltered, but it could not master character and temper of a dog. At first sight it is impossible to distinguish in it is mute needs to be protected. But boy really difficult. He sharply reacts to sharp movements and sounds, to other dogs, to men, to the raised voice. Sometimes he unexpectedly can snap or try to bite. Constantly has feeling of alarm and consoles itself in permission of everything that it seems to it dangerous. But together with those this dog has endurance, mind and ability to training. This its huge advantage and, probably, the last chance to receive due socialization and to find family.


Густаву is necessary for urgency psychological assistance of experts, right now that moment when it is ready to study, but to help it there is nobody, otherwise his behavior will be more difficult to be modified over time. Though Gustav very capable guy, he is accustomed to walking, a cage, knows several teams, is imparted, castrated.


Ему was not lucky to meet yet the person who will direct it and will dispel doubts, will show what is love and caress, safety, will become support and the best friend. Are sure, at the correct education and competently directed its inexhaustible energy from Gustav the excellent defender, the companion, the loving pet and the loyal best friend will turn out. The guy has the last chance!

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