• Oct 7, 2020

found This baby in Nalchik. The dog wandered on city streets in an awful state. She was exhausted, hungry, exhausted. Moreover, limped. And to save this pet would be a point of honor. And with an ulterior motive.

As it became clear, the girl had a hip fracture. But this trauma did not heal completely, bones grew together on the word of honor, crookedly, slantwise, incorrectly. Moreover, already someone examined a dog and on her skin the seam from the surgical device was seen, but in essence she was not helped. Nothing was set, not sewed plainly as if cut, glanced in epicenter of a trauma and sewed up, without noticing its catastrophic scales.


Так huskies passed enough time, being practically a disabled person. And still it became clear that at such early age the dog gave birth, judging by her condition of an organism. And on the head of the baby the huge dent from a heavy blunt object as if it was hit properly and so that once and, so to speak, forever flaunted. But the dog survived. Vagrant life left an indelible mark on her body against which it was necessary to fight anew to keep life and health to the pet.

Huskies named — Nori, and together with him support and the help. Performed the most difficult operations on restoration of a hip. Nori had a chronic cross fracture of a femur in its lower third with the shift of bone fragments on length and width. It means that bones were left without due intervention and fixing in such situation at which they never grow together. It was necessary "to loosen" them surgically. The ends of bones split up in the form of edges which, being crossed with each other, have to grow together in the future.

Here such here difficult case both for doctors, and for Nori's pupils. But none of them despond, the girl fine. Now she on rehabilitation and it has every chance again to become on paws and to lead full-fledged life of a carefree tail. And, despite destiny "gifts", the girl literally manual. Gentle, vulnerable, very much reaches for the person and long ago forgot old offenses. We believe that in the future there will be also her person who will also strongly stretch to this kind and pure soul.

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