• Sep 12, 2018


Many lessors do not take in attention at all the fact that a dog – the best friend of the person, and refuse to people with pets rent of housing. But this builder in Denmark builds an apartment house … only for owners of dogs!

The three-storyed house in the small town in 45 km from Copenhagen will be ready approximately in a year. In it only 18 apartments, will lodge in each of which fans of dogs.

"Demand for such housing big — the project manager says. – Bothered people that with a dog often it is impossible to rent apartment. And we, on the contrary, would like to open doors of our apartments for people with pets. Many of them already almost lost hope to find something suitable".

Before construction the builder consulted with the state association of breeders of dogs to build the house, most comfortable and safe for animals. Project managers also hope that residents of a new complex will become the present command of adherents as their interests meet.

photo: google.com

"It still did not happen to

to us — one of representatives of the largest association of owners of dogs in Denmark shared to Lisa Christensen. — It is the innovative project, all of us are very glad to it and we will watch further development".

To Lisa Christensen also added that a floor in apartments will be wearproof which is easy for washing. "Dogs promote wear of such things. They do not take off winter footwear before an entrance to the house as we".

photo: google.com

In an apartment complex there will also be a common area for washing of dogs in the yard which, by the way, too is planned to be created taking into account that dogs not really respect plants and tend to spoil them.

Builders say that before signing of the lease agreement they would like to know future residents better. If the person is the owner of two and more dogs, then it is not a problem, however, they have to be rather small by the size. As for owners of large breeds which weight exceeds 45 kg, to them, unfortunately, it will be refused the right to remove housing in the new house – the offered apartments for such animals too small.

For the obvious reasons in a complex also owners of cats are not welcomed. However, according to the builder if "the house for dogs" is really successful project, then through time also "the house for cats" can appear.

"I think, we quite could construct also a complex for owners of cats. Initial drawings at us are already ready".


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