• Jan 21, 2020

the Hilarious photoselection of dogs in the movement!

1. A summer game in snowballs would look so:
2. That moment when saw that someone photographs you:
3. When for a while lowered from a lead:
4. "How this plant was called? Bumblebee? Hop?"
5. "After the journey! I need to manage to have supper till 18:00!!!"
6. Any girl at the exit from beauty shop
7. As there are a lot of dirty fallen leaves! As it is great that I am white!
8. "Do not throw up me so, I am afraid of height!"

9. Dance so as if nobody sees you.
10. "And give as though I such beautiful jump and I do not see how you take a picture of me!"
All photos: Anima Libera for

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