• Mar 19, 2020

Many lodgers of shelters, having been in it, can brag of different destiny. Someone tested the most cruel to himself the address, persecution, hunger, beating. Someone was brought to the so-called hostel against the will, and on the vital circumstances which forced owners to get rid of the pet.

Someone fell a victim of illiterate education. The animal was accused of all troubles and brought to a shelter as a last resort to avoid euthanasia. Someone was found on the street, someone was thrown by coward people, being afraid of a reproach and bashful glances. And someone was born already in a shelter from pregnant mother. There is a lot of stories, history different. Some of them belongs also to Phil.


Это improbable dog. It is really good itself(himself). Breed — сегуджио, one of the most ancient in the world. Appeared in ancient Egypt and over time removed to Italy. Dogs of this breed are considered as good hunters. They have excellent sense of smell and hearing, grace, speed, mind. But it does not mean that dogs of this breed are not suitable for the house. They can be appeasable, soft, absolutely indifferent to other living creatures if to be able to distinguish competently a dog, to learn to communicate, develop with it her potential.


Фил — such guy. Primitive instincts of the hunter are alien to it. But it does not belittle his ingenuity and other positive lines. What is really necessary for a dog, so this human heat, caress and care.


Ведь at heart it is very shy guy. Life from early age has an effect on a shelter. He feels with all and with anybody, one and among one thousand people and other dogs. He is a little confused and slightly scared though if with it to make friends, he shows the best qualities. The tender, clever, beautiful, obedient boy by all means will become the good friend to some lucky!

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