• Apr 20, 2020

of the Padded stool — one of those lucky women who survived in the most severe conditions. It was found only breathing among her brothers and sisters, little kids whose fate was — to choke in a full black bag in the quiet deaf field.

Probably, puppies were children of the same mongrel what had to grow. Live lives not of blue blood could become objectionable to owners. Got rid of them in the classical way — suffocation in a bag. And that children were not heard — the deaf wild field.


Версий can be much. But a result one — several unscrupulously ruined puppies, one survivor. As if does not remember a padded stool what happened to it and to her brothers and sisters. Active cheerful cheerful, worships the person, trusts him. Perhaps it and to the best. A padded stool will be able sincerely to fall in love all heart with the family for which she very much waits. Only look in her opinion! He is full of hope for bright future. Let it happens!

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