• Jan 15, 2020

of the Chihuahua of Lucie long could not find to itself the loving house. In due time she spent nearly half a year in a shelter though employees also did everything possible to draw attention of potential owners.

Lucie differed from other chihuahuas – she weighed the whole 11 kg when average weight for her breed — is slightly more than 2 kg. It is 5 times higher than norm!

Photo: @juicylucydog/Instagram

Besides, at Lucie also social problems were observed, in society she felt restlessly. To help it to relax, it was periodically encouraged with goodies that, of course, too did not affect weight positively.

But the problem of weight proceeded not only from a food. With such number of excess weight Lucie could not move enough: was tired even after absolutely short slow walk. It strongly reduced its chances to lose weight effectively.

Fortunately, Lucie was very lucky. Just when employees of a shelter began to worry absolutely that the chihuahua can never abandon them at all, the local TV channel declared enrollment of participants in the program in which the professional veterinarian told about health of animals and helped owners to improve life of the pets.

Photo: @juicylucydog/Instagram

Lucie became the participant of a show. To her developed a special diet, trained according to the special program and sometimes showed on TV.

Then Lucie future hostess, Jennifer also noticed her. In only 4 days after Lucie for the first time appeared in the program, Jennifer wrote the application in a shelter and in a week took away the baby home.

"It was so lovely and friendly! It very much liked to spend time with me in the room for visitors in a shelter. I was so sorry that nobody wanted to take away it to himself. And I knew that Lucie will heartily welcome me in the evening from work, and very much wanted to help it to recover".

Jennifer followed all recommendations of the veterinarian, drove Lucie on trainings. She even created to the new alumna a page in Instagram to document its progress in loss of weight.

Photo: @juicylucydog/Instagram

In a year Lucie reached the weight to which her hostess aspired. She weighs about 6 kg that is fine figure for its sizes. Now Lucie is much more active, than was earlier. She goes hiking with the hostess and even somehow passed 8 km for once! Its photos "to" and "after" even placed in the famous magazine once.

Photo: @juicylucydog/Instagram
is happy in the new weight and enjoys in every afternoon with the loving hostess!

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