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the Charitable organization "Alabay Help" for many years saves dogs of breed алабай. The team of volunteers helps the Central Asian sheep-dogs who for various reasons were on street.

We wrote recently about saved by participants of the Alabay Help team Vadashe .

We wanted to learn
about activity of volunteers in more detail. The questions are answered by Darya Meshcheryakova:

How long exists team of the help алабаям?

Nearly 11 years. So we have already history. And we celebrated the first anniversary.

Photo: from personal archive of the Alabay Help team

As arose the idea to gather a team?

Undoubtedly, a push to creation of team became unindifference to animals and warm hearts. Unfortunately, everything is very changeable in life. Some participants leave, others come. At the moment in team there are no people who created it. Therefore definitely I cannot tell who and why possessed this idea. But she lives!

And why team of the help алабаям?

This question for us at the same time both difficult, and simple. As though asked "and why tomato juice, but not apple?". We love all animals, but our hearts are forever given алабаям, being owners алабаев, it is heavy to imagine life without these dogs.

about the main activities of Alabay Help.

Team of the help of Alabay Help to the Central Asian sheep-dogs – not a shelter and not the charitable organization. We are volunteers, ordinary people who just could not pass once by the animals needing the help. We according to the lights and opportunities save алабаев which for one reason or another were on street.
Main is quickly to take away a dog from the street until she was hit by the car, did not shoot down, did not poison or did not cripple. At first we try to find old owners that works well extremely seldom, unfortunately. Further we prepare a dog for search of the new house: often animal it is necessary to treat or fatten at first as seldom dogs get to us healthy.
Photo: from personal archive of the Alabay Help team
A here exhausted to conditions of a skeleton, hit cars, beaten by people, dying of a piroplasmosis, with the injured extremities is our case. When the dog recovers, we begin to look for her the new house (a bough we without fail will sterilize all).

Who your wards? How so it turns out that they need the help? (negative, picked up, etc.)

At all our wards absolutely different stories. Some were lost on walk, escaped from the site, others were thrown out on the street by owners, left attached in the dense forest. Refuseniks are too, but the bulk of dogs – dogs about streets which are in danger.

Why alaba are thrown / unnecessary? In what a reason for refusal of these dogs?

generally people throw out dogs for two reasons. The first: ached, and to treat is not present desire. It is simpler to throw out and take new! The second even more widespread: people take a puppy and consider that he will grow up well-mannered. Do not take care of a puppy, do not train, do not bring up. Also the huge dog, slozhnoupravlyaemy, with stubborn capricious character grows. She is just thrown out on the street.
Photo: from personal archive of the Alabay Help team
Happen also such reservations: "алабай — not the security guard, too kind", "we move from giving to the apartment – with ourselves we cannot take", "allergy" and so forth. It is very a pity for dogs at whom the favourite careful owner dies, and the dog is not necessary to relatives.
is A lot of examples of treachery of the person. We in team had two dogs, Cora and Irma whom the same owner with an interval in half a year refused, the reason – do not protect. To bark on date of transmission in team was years 4, the smart tender girl. When we took away it from the owner, in the open-air cage the little puppy – that Irma who in half a year appeared at us too already sat. By the way, both dogs already found the new house, owners are happy and cannot rejoice. And, by the way, both of them are wonderful security guards. Business was not in dogs as you understand.
Still we had a smart couple – Amir and Ajka, young, pedigree, well-mannered, all at them. But they did not become necessary to the owner, said that there is no money for their contents that was obvious lies. Amir and Ajka were lucky: they were taken also in couple in one house, it was not necessary to separate.
Now we have a refusenik who looks for the house – Ares, beautiful алабай, 3 years, beautiful, snow-white, tender as the kitten, is brought up … But it is not necessary.
I of such stories – hundreds. On the one hand, all of them different, and with another – similar, they about treachery.
How many dogs passed

through your hands and how many now animals on your care?

It is heavy to call exact number of dogs who passed through the organization for these 11 years, earlier statistics was not kept. But about 1500 dogs precisely! Today we have on care 91 dogs.

Photo: from personal archive of the Alabay Help team

Where live your wards?

Our wards live on the main paid overexposure, we try to take out old men on house overexposures where live till 5-10 dogs and feel house.

Photo: from personal archive of the Alabay Help team

Than you help dogs?

Their lives depend on us, it is kind of grandiloquent sounded, but it so, except us they have nobody. We contain them, we feed, we treat, we do operations, including very expensive, we try to socialize intimidated, to find for them as much as possible time and attention. The main thing – we very much love them. By and large, we do for dogs all that the good owner has to do.


Is easy to find new owners I alabat? Whether there are people to whom you will not give a dog?

It is hard for dogs to find new owners. Not all understand that алабай is not a lap dog and not a security system. This is a dog and, big, but from it she needs attention, caress, love and a firm hand not less. It is impossible just to chain a dog or to put the box. Such contents categorically does not approach I alabat. We give our dogs to not everyone. Razvedentsev we sweep aside at once: let's sterilize a bough and sometimes even we castrate dogs. We do not give for participation in fights, protection of car washes and parking. We refuse to owners of the private houses fenced with a fence from a grid chain-link or a shaky shtaketnik, to fans of self-walking too ("and at me always the dog itself walked and then came").

Photo: from personal archive of the Alabay Help team

People need to correlate the desires and opportunities, the corresponding conditions are necessary for contents alaby.

Recently the man called us, said that he is necessary алабай to the dacha. And he lives in the city, and the dog will live in the country one. Time in several days to it will bring food. Of course, we refused.

And calls "at мЭня the boy, it is necessary to him the girl for health" — an improbable set.


Is dogs who did not manage to find the owner? Whether there are dogs to whom you cannot help?

Yes, of course, to many dogs is not possible to find owners as a half of our pets – old men or dogs of age 6+, a part – disabled people, they except us are necessary to nobody. Though 6-7 years for alaby are not age, they live on average in 12-15 years.
Of course, is dogs to whom we cannot help, and there is a lot of them. The homeless алабаев it is much bigger, than forces, finance and places on overexposure. Also there are cases when we just are not in time, and the help comes too late. Such cases are not forgotten, forever leave hems on heart.
Here, for example, under New 2018 reported to us about the dog in bad condition lying not the first day at a fence of the enterprise in the Moscow region. At once left, took away, brought to clinic. We never saw such horror to, later. A scalped wound of all back with total absence of a rectum. Probably, it was pulled out in a fight with other dogs since pokusa were everywhere. The decaying neck wound. But even it was not as terrible as deep gangrene. We understood what cannot be made already nothing. The most humane – to release it on a rainbow. It is very terrible to remember, still goosebumps.

Who helps you? Whether there are constant curators, financing sources?

We have no sponsors, grants or the help from the state. Our team exists only at the expense of own means and due to charitable donations of not indifferent people.

Photo: from personal archive of the Alabay Help team

What supports you, helps not to give up this mission?

Support, first of all, 90 pairs of eyes which trust us whose lives depend only on us. How to throw them? Very much people, adherents and subscribers help. You know, people are able to surprise in good sense of this word, they make sometimes the real feats, just like that, not for an award or salary, and for rescue "only" of a dog. Of course, constant "greetings" from our former wards from new families always remind that all not for nothing, all this is necessary and it is important!

what you need most of all?

Most of all we need people — active, responsible which are ready to help: to carry dogs in clinics, to help to take away animals from streets, just to arrive to overexposure and to take a walk, find time for our wards.

Thanks a lot for that, what are you doing! It is very important. Good luck to you!

of the Announcement of animals, needing the help, read on .Help

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