• Aug 13, 2019

a dog in a good charge. Thoroughbred, from a family tree, it is healthy. We give because of the child's birth". Typical announcement of a pristroystvo of animals which is found on the Internet. And the child's birth — one of the most "popular" reasons of disposal of a dog or a cat. Whether it is necessary to get rid of animals in connection with the child's birth?

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"A cat and a dog — danger to the newborn"

Quite so consider many and actively put some idea this to future parents. And those, frightened of possible dangers, real or imaginary, look for to the former favourite "good hands". However, "good hands" — still quite good option. Sometimes animals go to the street, to a shelter or straight to the room of euthanasia …

Of what future parents so are afraid? The most popular fears can be shared into three categories:

  1. For animals there will not be enough time . Really, the child takes away all the time and forces from mother who even manages never to eat sometimes in a day. What to tell about full walking of a dog here!
  2. The animal can do harm to the child . And here hysteria is warmed up with might and main by mass media, greedy for a sensation, which inflate stories, not always real, to scales of the universal tragedy and claim that all dogs – by definition of the murderer, and the cat sleeps and sees, kind of to strangle your child in a cradle.
  3. Animals — an infection source . Really, there are diseases which the person (including the child) can catch from animals. And, really, there is such thing as an allergy.

But all these fears are how proved and whether there is an exit except how to get rid of the pet?

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the animal Can live in family with the newborn child?

All above-mentioned risks, of course, are. But be they so awful, unless there could be animals in family with children? And how children, whose parents, despite sometimes the strengthened pressure survive from well-wishers, nevertheless made the strong-willed decision to leave the pet? Means, the cat and a dog how they are painted by a national rumor are not so terrible?

What to do that the pet and the child could survive in one family?

  1. it is valid, after the child's birth priorities in family change. And free time becomes less. But the child is born not "suddenly", parents have at least half a year that to be prepared and think over a question of care of the pet . For example, the young father can undertake more duties. It is possible to ask about the help with walking, for example, the relatives or friends who are kindly adjusted to animals, having beforehand acquainted them with the pet. It is possible to use services of "the dog nurse" (mastiff-sittera) and child nurses now too not a rarity.
  2. it is valid, there are cases when animals do harm to the child, most often just by negligence. That it did not happen, should prepare the pet for appearance of the new family member in advance . If in the house shift is required, make everything in advance. Train a dog in a necessary minimum of skills and teams. Observe security measures , and, above all – never and under no circumstances leave the small child alone with a dog or a cat. Any interaction of children and animals has to happen only under your control.
  3. As for diseases, doctors incline more and more that existence in the house of an animal — it is rather, advantage, than harm for immunity of the child . By the way, on the footwear and clothes parents bring not less microbes, than the cat or a dog is capable "to extend". And the excessive sterility contributes to the development of an allergy more often, than existence in the house of the pet. Certainly, animals have to be healthy, imparted and processed from parasites. Also you should not forget about elementary rules of hygiene.

It is possible to get an animal if the child's birth is expected?

If you want to have both the pet, and the child, then it is better that the animal appeared before you learn that you will have a successor. Or to postpone acquisition by a kitten or a puppy until that time when the child grows up. The worst idea — to take a dog or a cat during pregnancy.

The matter is that during pregnancy by much there is a wish to care for someone and "to be trained on cats", as a result in family there is a pet. But after the child's birth the situation changes: young mother whose all thoughts are connected with wellbeing of the child begins to test to an animal fastidiousness up to disgust. And the strong affection for "smaller brothers" was not created yet. And it increases risk that the dog or a cat will be unnecessary and unwanted.

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