• Aug 14, 2019

Complaints are often heard that kindness becomes deficiency. And this quality without which it is impossible to create normal society. How to cultivate kindness in children and whether animals will help here?

 Child and dog of a photo
On a photo: child and dog

Canine and feathery friends is, certainly, excellent assistants in education of kindness and love to all live. However here everything depends on parents.

How to cultivate kindness in the child? Is several of lessons of kindness where we can set an example to children.

  1. do not take the pet according to the first requirement of the child, especially if you are not located to it. Explain that it is a responsible step for which it is necessary to prepare. And to get a dog, a cat or any other animal it is possible only when you for 100% are sure that you will be able to provide it happy life within long years. And first of all adults have to be sure – on them the main care of the pet will lay down, the child is not able to undertake such responsibility yet. Together with the child begin preparation: study breeds of animals, features of character and care of them, learn where the nearest veterinary clinic, buy necessary accessories, etc.
  2. If you have no special preferences to concrete breed, it is possible to take not purebred animal from a shelter – so you will set the child an excellent example of mercy. But in this case, kind of you were assured by volunteers that the potential pet is healthy, at once go to the veterinarian. Besides, charity dogs and cats often behave, especially at the beginning of joint life, not absolutely as you expect – it is necessary to be prepared for it in advance.
  3. you do not produce animals. You watch the pets and do not allow appearance of puppies or kittens if there is no guarantee that they will manage to find really good owners. However, there are never such guarantees almost. It makes sense to breed only ideally healthy animals with excellent mentality, and couple needs to be selected very carefully. The fan will definitely not cope with this task. And to nobody and so it is too much necessary dogs and cats to make the contribution to this doubtful enterprise and to set children an example to irresponsibility. It is much more humane to sterilize the pet.
  4. Look after animals and provide them to requirement. Animal have rights which need to be observed is a minimum on which our pets have the right to count.
  5. Set the child an example of the correct attitude towards animals. Unfortunately, in our culture the cruelty in relation to those whom we indulgently call "smaller brothers" — cruel techniques of education and training, inhumane ammunition and just a habit to break the rage which collected in a day is still widespread. It is inadmissible. Now the world science about animals moved ahead far, the set of humane methods of education and correction of behavior of dogs and cats is developed. These methods are worth it that to get acquainted with them. Yes, it is possible, training of a dog by means of a positive reinforcement will take slightly more time (though absolutely not much more), but it is worth it. First, in your relations with the pet will appear much more mutual understanding, and secondly, you will set an example to younger generation. What you inspired in children in words, they will copy your actions.
  6. Refuse cruel entertainments: dolphinariums, mobile menageries, the majority of zoos (if you are not sure that for animals all necessary conditions are created there) and circuses with animals. These entertainments contribute only to the development of egoism and insensitivity to others pain. And then elderly people complain that children grew up such unsympathetic and "ungrateful". But you taught them to it, showing that it is possible to torment others for the sake of own pleasure.
  7. never Observe safety measures and (never!) do not leave the small child alone with an animal. Both the kid, and the pet can cause to each other harm – not from the evil, and on awkwardness or thoughtlessness. Your task – to make communication of the child and a canine friend safe for both parties.
 Child and dog of a photo
On a photo: child and dog

conducted researches which results showed that, certainly, not all children who torment animals grow up sociopaths, but all criminals who committed crimes against the personality began with mockeries at animals.

Only to you to solve
whom will be in the future your child.

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