• Jan 15, 2020

In November, 2016 Norwegian Aina Stormo sheltered at herself a little kitten by nickname Yesper.

photo: @jesperpusen
" I since the childhood began to walk him on a lead. Therefore he got used to keep us the company in winter entertainments still long before for the first time saw summer. Probably, for this reason he so loves snow".
Now to Yesper 3 years and he the real celebrity floating around the Internet, on his canal in Instagram is signed more than 30 thousand users! And still it has also YouTube channel on which it is shown in all beauty – explores forests, floats, spends time with horses and, of course, goes to ski walks with the hostess. Yesper with pleasure cuts on snow together with Aina. And if suddenly he a little gets a bit tired - it is not a problem! The hostess puts a red cat on shoulders and goes further while before her canine friend magic snow landscapes reveal.

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