• Aug 14, 2019

In spite of the fact that in the majority of hostels forbid to have large and average pets, such as cats and dogs, and your neighbor or the roommate can have a terrible allergy to fluffy creations, desire to bring to itself the little pet does not vanish anywhere … We assure you that smaller animals are also capable to present happiness and love, and have a number of advantages from leaving and health, in comparison with large pets.

 a cat comb a brush

Care of any pet is an opportunity to develop feeling of personal responsibility, care of other living being. And for some people the pet is a considerable emotional unloading, especially, if you sharply feel loneliness or a depression.

As possession of a pet during study at the university or college can improve considerably quality of life, it is important to make a right choice, to carefully weigh the opportunities (as physical, temporary, and financial), to find out what pet best of all corresponds to your individual way of life and the personality.

 the chameleon plays in chess there Is no

sense to bring the pet if you foreknow that you will not be able to give it necessary care and you will not be able to become the responsible parent for it. And still after all we recommend to specify — whether against administration of the hostel if you get to yourself a small animal. Most often nobody not against small fishes or other small and silent pets, but is better to specify this moment.

1. Reptiles

Reptiles, such as turtles, snakes and lizards, can become the excellent partner for suitable people. And let to the touch they not such pleasant as cats or dogs, but can quite fill the shortage of communication and entertain you.

 the cat and a monitor lizard look out of the window

But! Before getting to itself a reptile, it is important to understand that it is impossible to trifle of their contents. Otherwise, your pet just long will not stretch. You will need to be prepared, study its native habitat and to learn how to realize it in house conditions. There are also other shortcomings of the maintenance of reptiles as pets about whom you have to know before making the decision on purchase. For example, feeding of a snake, especially large, means performance a few not pleasant things connected with her food allowance.

As for the majority of turtles, they have big life expectancy.

 the turtle is tomato

Means, you have to be ready to lifelong, and maybe to longer obligation to the pet. These cases not a rarity, are a set of examples when turtles endured the first owners for decades. Lizards live not so long as turtles, and do not eat rats as snakes. But they much quicker and more difficult in management, the probability to miss them from hands is high.

They eat

live insects: flies, crickets and cockroaches — their favourite production therefore if food of your pet accidentally is lost in your hostel, it can deliver you and your neighbors many efforts. If you are ready to all difficulties, are ready to look after correctly reptiles and to give them your time, then reptiles can quite become you excellent friends. If you are not confident in the forces, then do not take the responsibility for the living being better.

2. Small fishes

Except that small fishes, perhaps, the most popular animals at students, some fishes are the simplest animals in leaving.

 a small fish

For example, the goldfish demands the minimum leaving and can live in small (but clean) aquariums. Some species of aquarian small fishes, such as cardinal, feed each 2-3 days, it is even better a little less often. Small fishes do not need a lot of communication with the person, and here some neighbor very much will please them and will brighten up them time. With small fishes the main thing is a purity in an aquarium, timely feeding and an interesting environment that was where to float. Minuses of small fishes are that they are in itself all the time, you have with them no full contact, you cannot embrace them or take on hands. You need to understand that that care of an aquarium, than more its size is more difficult. Some species of fish demand a certain temperature condition and need artificial aeration of the environment. All the same, despite it, small fishes are the simplest for maintenance and leaving pets.

3. Insects and arachnoid

As well as small fishes, have many species of insects and arachnoid, simple in contents and in leaving. Tarantulas, cockroaches, crickets, scorpions and myriapods — all animals upon whom most of people prefers not to happen even, bringing them to the house. However if you love an extreme, then they will be able to become for you a beautiful pet.

 a black scorpion

of Tarantulas and scorpions are not recommended to beginners because of their fragility and ability to sting or bite. There are several kinds of tarantulas who are quietest and easy to use. You have to have some skills that, communicating with it not to do much harm to either him, or yourself. Spiders as pets are not necessarily dangerous.

 a spider a tarantula in palms

If it sounds too unconvincingly, then cockroaches, crickets and myriapods are ideal for those who only begin the experience of keeping of insects. Cockroaches are especially simple in leaving. Everything that it is necessary for them for prosperity - it is the terrarium or an aquarium (which is not filled with water, of course) with a various landscape, food and water. The only important feature is that the cockroaches who are very socialized and to them the company is simply necessary.

That concerning myriapods, they emit dangerous toxin if are frightened and therefore it is necessary to wash carefully hands after each contact with an insect.

 a myriapod in bank

If you very much worry in this respect, then before purchase just ask for the seller to check your skin reaction — take a myriapod on hands. And, despite all difficulties which can arise with your neighbor or the roommate (not everyone will be glad to adjoin to a scorpion or a tarantula), insects remain the most unpretentious and safe pets for an environment.

4. Invertebrate

Recently began very widespread hobby to hold houses of huge African snails. Them there is a lot of types, with a different color of an armor and a body.

 a snail on a palm they Grow at

quickly enough, from a small ulitochka about a thimble they in a year at right leaving grow to 15-20 cm. Very sociable and contact, besides, the secret allocated by them for sliding on a surface actively is used in cosmetology worldwide therefore for girls it is just irreplaceable pet. Care of them is extremely simple — a terrarium or an aquarium, it is desirable the small size (as they grow at that quicker and more, than the aquarium is more), a laying from peat, a moss or the kokogrunt, water and food. Under adverse conditions of a snail fall into hibernation so if you leave for a week or two, nothing threatens the pet. Snails social beings and it is better for them to live together with the partner — the same snail, as well as they are. The only moment is that they actively lay eggs, precisely as well as chicken, only the smaller size, and you need to be ready to the fact that it will be necessary to make the decision on the laying future.

So, we will sum up the results:

On the last place on relevance with points 4 and 5 we have a dragon, lizards, tarantulas and scorpions. Further, from 6 to 7 points are undertaken by small fishes who need additional heating and also turtles. We give 8 and 9 points to cockroaches, small fishes cockerels and goldfishes. And leadership is taken by snails with 10 points. Depending on that how many forces and time you have, pick up to yourself the pet and you remember, all of them live and depend on us)

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