• Dec 20, 2018

Hermaphroditism — the phenomenon at which one individual has signs and women's, and male. Hermaphrodites in the kingdom of animals meet not so seldom as it is possible to think. A great number of invertebrates — worms, insects, mollusks, cancroid — execute functions and a male, and females. The nature developed different ways of reproduction which allow animals to continue the sort in any conditions of dwelling.

Hermaphrodites in the Kingdom of Animals

Hermaphroditism among invertebrates

The phenomenon received the name from the Greek mythology. According to a legend, Aphrodite and Hermes's son by the name of the Hermaphrodite was very beautiful himself. Once the young man met the nymph, both blazed with mutual passion. Never to be separated, lovers wished to unite in a uniform being. And there was a bisexual creation.

Natural hermaphrodites are deprived of any charm as on the whole it is invertebrates:

  • Sponges, polyps, jellyfishes, comb jellies.
  • The majority of worms — turbellyariya, flukes, tape worms, nemertina, nematodes, bloodsuckers.
  • Almost all crayfish, mollusks.

Hermaphroditism at Jellyfishes

At earthworms, snails and okunevy two types of fertilization meet: mutual (both individuals at the same time are both a male, and a female) or consecutive when one individual undertakes one role.

Worms (also at hydras and mollusks) most often have a self-fertilization whereas at fishes it most often is impossible for the physiological reasons.

the Animals changing a floor

The Animals Changing a Floor

The hermaphroditism also occurs among vertebrata. A striking example — a grouper.

More than 300 species of fish are capable to change the floor during life. It depends on environment factors — the water temperature, alternation of time of day, quantity of males in pack influences.

also other representatives of fauna Are capable to sex change:

  • Sea corals .
  • of the Holothuria (sea cucumbers) .
  • of the Shrimp .

Clownfish Can Turn Randomly into Females

Clownfish at whom in pack the accurate hierarchy is observed can turn randomly into females. If in the dominating couple the female individual perishes, then the male replaces it, and to replace the leader there is the largest member of pack.

So authors of the well-known animated film were mistaken — at Mutely there would be mother anyway.

There live small groups and gubany-cleaners. They are engaged in eating of parasites on predators therefore neither sharks, nor moray eels or tunas touch them. One male who strictly keeps order heads "crew". But if it suddenly perishes, to the place of the head one of his wives takes up, having changed sex for only a few days.

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