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the Difference between obligatory and optional inoculations.

offers Association two categories of vaccines: obligatory and optional.

Obligatory inoculations are strictly recommended for all cats . The list is given below:

  1. From a virus of panleukopenia (FPV)
  2. From a virus of herpes (FHV-1)
  3. From a kalitsiviroz (FCV)

Optional inoculations are recommended to the cats falling in specific risk categories, the decision is made on the basis estimates of individual risks / features of the pet: „

  1. Features of a way of life of an animal"
  2. The owner picked up a wild or homeless cat?

Geography . In this categories, according to practices of Association get the following vaccines:

  1. Rage
  2. Virus of leukemia of cats (FeLV)
  3. Cat's hlamidofila
  4. Bordetella of a bronkhiseptik
  5. Infectious peritonitis, cat's (FIP)
  6. Dermatophyte

Has to be a rage inoculation obligatory?

Opinions on this occasion differ. Donna Alexander, the administrator of department of control of animals and rage says that the rage inoculation is obligatory only for dogs. "Such vaccination has to be obligatory and for cats", – doctor Richard Ford, honorary professor of medicine of the University of North Carolina considers. Especially as in half of states the rage inoculation for cats is obligatory.

"Many people consider that time their cats do not go outside, they cannot catch", – doctor Alexander adds. This delusion. To us bats can fly, besides they can live on the attic. In the same house where there lives a cat who does not go outside. Sometimes the pet can find a dead bat or the patient and to bring it to owners as bring an ordinary mouse.

And time the majority of cats, especially those who freely leave the house do not take root at all, they are in a zone of high risk when they are bitten by skunks, raccoons and other representatives of wild fauna who can be rage virus carriers.

According to recommendations if not imparted pet comes into contact with a wild animal who causes suspicion of rage, the cat has to be placed in a quarantine or is lulled.

"Unforeseen reaction to the vaccine against rage is shown once on one million and, as a rule, does not pose a threat for life", – doctor Alexander tells. The real rage kills in 100% of cases, apart from the fact that the sick cat will feel severe pains, the enraged animals can be so unsettled because of a disease that do harm to themselves.

Researches of Association confirm comments of doctor Alexander and show that cats have rage even more often than dogs. According to 2015 67 cases among dogs and 244 among cats were registered.

Cats in a high zone of risk, it is street animals or living in community. If your pet vanished, underwent sterilization or was taken from the street, then experts advise to do him vaccination against cat's panleukopenia (or a distemper), a virus of herpes, rage and a kalitsiviroz.

"One procedure will enhance immunity of an animal approximately for a year, but if such cat bites somebody at least every other day on the expiration of this year, then this sting cannot be considered as safe any more", – doctor Ford, also the participant of the meeting of Association, devoted to vaccination warns. "Main conclusion: all cats have to be imparted from rage".

Steve Dale ( of Steve Dale ) | March, 2018

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